UTAZ™ Real Estate Corporation  


The UTAZ Story

Utaz Development Corporation was founded by Craig Willett, a CPA who had over 700 medical and small business clients. His objective was to help medical practitioners and small business owners increase the quality of their life by allowing them the opportunity to buy their own office buildings thereby adding to their retirement and allowing them to control their environment and make a statement to their patients and customers that they have arrived. Through much determination and effort Craig leads the team at UDC to formulate the elements of success and articulate them for your benefit in the Utaz Professional Village. Offices in the Utaz Professional Village have become synonymous with success. The elements that are important for you in making a great commercial real estate investment are also the same elements that translate into greater success for your business when located in the Professional Village.

Craig noticed among his 773 CPA clients that those who had the best prospects of a great retirement and had the greatest net worth were those who recognized the value of not paying rent and instead owned their place of business. It was for this very reason that Craig sold his accounting practice and began to pursue the full time endeavor to make it easy for medical professionals and small business owners to control their futures and have a built-in retirement.

Craig recognized that the number one reason a small business or professional practitioner did not own their location was the lack of opportunity for ownership. So often office buildings are designed for the benefit of the landlord and not the tenant. They are usually multi-story and located in large complexes where most people can get lost. One of Craig's favorite TV shows is "The Any Griffith Show", he likes the idea of being able to walk down mainstreet of Mayberry, go to the bank, the accountant, the lawyer and see the doctor as well as pick up a pair of eye glasses. Most people love to do business with friendly courteous people that make them feel accepted in the neighborhood or town. Hence, the unique character of each building in a professional village and the complementary nature of the types of businesses located in the village create the feeling of mainstreet for your business where you stand out. There is ample parking and in the theme of Mayberry it is located right at the front door. In a professional Village you know when you are at your doctor's office, it is easy to find and simple to walk right in the front door.

As Utaz rolled out the Professional Village concept after 4 years of developing small office buildings, the company now has experienced nearly 10 years worth of success in developing over 27 professional villages in the Phoenix area. If you have ever driven past one you will have noticed the residential feel, but the grand scale of the uniquely designed professional office buildings in which many businesses like yours have become more well- known and have experienced greater success.

One of the hallmarks of a professional village is the increased success of businesses like yours who choose to locate and relocate in the professional setting created by the Utaz Professional Village. It is not uncommon for doctors and dentists to say that their patient traffic from walk-in and referrals increases over 30% in the first year by relocating from their previous location. Imagine how that can help you increase your profits and your prospect of a better retirement.

According to Craig, locations near hospitals, freeways, and business hubs are essential to the success of small business owners. If they can buy a single story office building that has their name on it, visible from a major thoroughfare, they can count it as advertising dollars in the bank. Imagine all of the people who will see your business's sign each day as they drive to work, school, soccer practice, and church. In most cases 1.25 million cars will see your office each year. How much would you pay for 1.25 million people to see your business every year? One building owner said that he did not need the highly visible location but wanted to be in that area and bought anyway. After 4 months of being there, he wrote to Craig and said, "I thought that my business was only dependent on doctor referrals. To my surprise after locating in the Spectrum Professional Village my patient counts began to increase dramatically. I was finding that new doctors were referring patients to me for therapy as their patients would pass my office each day and when they were referred to someone else they would ask if they could be referred to me because they drove by my office every day. It was like getting 5 new doctors to refer new patients to me each month."

Most professionals like you choose to go on their own as a medical doctor or to start a business with the intent of being successful. One key to success is to look successful. In order to look successful you need to invest in yourself. You have invested in your education and business, now let others see how much you think of yourself. Let them know that you have arrived. Take control of your retirement and future, don't pay for the landlord's retirement or be at his mercy every five years as to the amount of rent you will pay or whether or not the needed repairs and maintenance are being done properly or timely. In Utaz Professional Villages your operating and maintenance costs are about 40% less than your competitors in other locations. Utaz has designed out the headaches and costs of ownership and has built using quality materials that require little maintenance and replacement. After all, you will practice there for 20 years or more, shouldn't your building be built to last 2-3 times that long with little to no maintenance?

The dynamic locations and the elements of success designed into a professional village have proven their merits through the years. But the real secret of success as Craig puts it is that you, like many other medical professionals and small business owners, can own your office, experience greater success and do it all for less than rent. Why would you want to accumulate a pile of cancelled rent checks as the only thing to show for the years you were in business? Instead, you can have a building with your name on it as your retirement asset all paid for for much less than the rent you might have paid.

If you have never been inside an office in a Utaz Professional Village, you must experience it. You will never feel confined. With ceiling heights as high as 13.5 feet, your clients and patients will feel better, they will be relaxed, not to speak of the favorable rating they will give you for having ample parking right at your front door. It will add to their experience and your building will never be outdated. Remember the low ceiling of the 70's at 8 feet high? It was very confining making people feel restricted. Notice that stores and malls allow people to feel more comfortable with super high ceilings. I invite you to learn all ten elements of success and experience them for yourself. Help make your practice more successful and project that image that you deserve to display. Your clients and patients will be pleased and anxious to refer their friends to you. Please accept my invitation to take a tour of a Utaz Professional Village and you will see why so many professionals have chosen a Utaz Professional Village to enhance the success of their business and create a higher quality of life by building a great retirement for themselves rather than paying rent each month. You, too, can join our unique group of office building owners by taking advantage of our unique financing programs and with interest rates at historical lows, you will enjoy telling others that you have arrived all while piling away equity rather than cancelled rent checks. Pay yourself now and have a retirement later.